Transitional Care / Skilled Swing Bed

Transitional Care, also known as Swing Bed, is for patients who are ready to be discharged from a traditional acute-care hospital but aren't quite ready to go home. These patients still require additional skilled medical care, nursing care, or rehabilitation services.

Admission Inquires (Referrals):

Please contact Amanda Sandoval, RN, Swing Bed Coordinator
Phone: 620-234-5221
Fax: 620-234-5176

Our team is equipped to care for patients with complex needs, including:

  • After Surgery: Cardiac, neuro, orthopedic, abdominal, and more
  • Respiratory: Specialized treatment and support
  • Wound Care: Special attention for wound healing
  • Intravenous (I.V.) Antibiotics: To treat a variety of infections
  • Specialized Therapy: Including physical therapy and an array of supportive services
  • Teaching and Training: Education on management of new complex conditions
  • Coordination and Ongoing Assessment of Complex Plans of Care: RN oversight and team collaboration to modify care plans as frequently as patients need

Why Stafford County Hospital?

We provide:

  • A personalized plan of care
  • Bedside rounds that engage you, your family, and your care team to help you reach your goals
  • Hospital-level nurse staffing to keep you safe and help you recover
  • A home-like environment that accommodates family and participation in activity and rehabilitation
  • On-site physicians, therapy, radiology, laboratory, and pharmacy that will address your specific needs

Our Transitional Care Program is centered on teamwork, communication, and collaboration. Your care team will work with you and your loved ones on a personalized plan, support your goals, and meet with you on a regular basis to celebrate successes and adjust the plan.

Program Data

Stafford County Hospital Transitional Care Average Length of Stay: 21 Days

This is the mean average length of Transitional Care patient stays at Stafford County Hospital for patients whose last day of Transitional Care was between 07/01/2023 and 09/30/2023. This is calculated by adding the number of days patients stayed in Transitional Care divided by the number of patients whose last day of Transitional Care is within the date range. The calculation includes all dispositions (home, assisted living, end of life, etc.) The calculation does not include the day of discharge.

Stafford County Hospital Return to Independence: 78%

Describes the percentage of Stafford County Hospital Transitional Care patients that lived at home or assisted living prior to their Transitional Care stay who were then discharged back to home or assisted living from Transitional Care. Patients included had their last day of Transitional Care between 07/01/2023 and 09/30/2023. This only includes patients admitted with a prior living situation of home or assisted living.

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