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Posted 12/05/2023 - Stafford County Health Care Foundation Update

The foundation board approved purchasing canvases by local photographers to create a permanent art display in Stafford County Hospital. These will be on display on a rotation with other exhibits. We are grateful to these local artists, Adrienne Minnis, Kim Fritzemeier, and Rebecca Austin, for sharing their talents so willingly with us. Our goal is to enhance the lives of the staff, patients, and visitors as they view these uplifting photographs.

Posted 8/02/2023 - Stafford County Health Care Foundation Update

Stafford County Health Care Foundation provided an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) for the St. John Recreation Commission.

Pictured, l to r: Tyler Axman and Trey Burgan, recreation board members, and Danton Hilton, recreation director.

Posted 3/23/2023 - Stafford County Health Care Foundation Update

From Stafford County Health Care Foundation:

We are thrilled that Stan Reimer is exhibiting in our rotating art display at Stafford County Hospital! His exhibit will be on display through April. Stan has photographed many Stafford County residents over the years, and resides in Pratt.

Most of his works are for sale. If interested, contact him directly at (620) 770-2282.

He is available to come talk about his photos for small groups of 20, so if you are interested, contact him or a member of the foundation board!

Stan still does photo restoration and some portraits in his spare time!

Posted 3/22/2023 - Stafford County Health Care Foundation Update

Stafford County Health Care Foundation has given AEDs to each of the county schools for the purpose of having an AED available when not in the school building. These AEDs are in a durable waterproof carrying case and can be taken to the track/field or on field trips. Our county schools are doing a tremendous job of taking care of our students. We are grateful to them for being a key component in improving the health of Stafford County!

Posted 3/6/2023 - Stafford County Health Care Foundation Update

The Stafford County Health Care Foundation's rotating art display now features fantastic works of art by 2nd and 3rd grade students at Stafford Elementary School. Stop by Stafford County Hospital and see them all! They will be on display through the month of March.

Posted 1/9/2023 - Stafford County Health Care Foundation Update

Stafford Co. Health Care Foundation is pleased to have a Stafford High School alum exhibit art at the Stafford County Hospital! Betty Jo (Curtis) Houchen has exceptional pastels to enjoy, some of which are for sale. Contact Barb New in the SCH office if you are interested in purchasing. And, yes, she is Barb's aunt (Jack Curtis's sister)! You won't want to miss this exhibit!

Posted 12/27/2022 - Stafford County Health Care Foundation Update

Thanks to a very SPECIAL donor through the Golden Belt Community Foundation.......our ENTIRE GBCF Wish List ($4,150) has been granted!!

  • Equipment at Stafford County Hospital - $500
  • EMT Class Scholarship at Stafford Co. EMS for a Stafford Co. resident - $600
  • AED for use in Stafford County - $1,950
  • Dental Health Education - $300
  • Heart Health Education - $300
  • Mental Health Education - $300
  • Donation Toward Purchase of Permanent Art Collection at Stafford Co. Hospital - $200

We are so thankful for this gift of improving health in Stafford County! Also we are thankful for Golden Belt Community Foundation for facilitating the distribution of funds to help so many people!

We have purchased AEDs for the Larabee Memorial Library in Stafford and for the Stafford County Country Club.

This winter, we will sponsor an educational presentation to the Stafford County schools focusing on heart and dental health. We are using the mental health education funds for the Inspyral Circus shows at the schools, and the speakers that follow, focusing on limiting screen time.

As always, if you have suggestions for improving community health, let us know!


Stafford County Country Club: Board members Aaron Roach, Danton Hilton, and board president Steve Petty

Nora E. Larabee Memorial Library: Nancy Hildebrand, SCHCF, with librarians Gerry Hildebrand and Denise Dickson

Posted 5/14/2021 - SCHCF Community Projects

Stafford County Health Care Foundation has been busy with community projects in 2021, in line with their mission to improve community health. First aid kits were purchased for Stafford Recreation Commission for the sports teams' coaches to have available at practices and games. These will be returned at the end of each season, to be used for the following sport season. Leisure Homestead in Stafford had needs met for two charting tablets and an oxygen concentrator. Leisure Homestead in St. John received a hi-low bed and a broda chair that they were needing. Kenwood Plaza acquired a mobile blood pressure unit and a scale to be used with a wheelchair. These projects would not have been possible without donations from the generous residents of Stafford County. Suggestions for community health improvement are always welcome.

About Our Foundation

The Stafford County Health Care Foundation is dedicated to the continuance of quality health care throughout the Stafford County area. We strive to improve medical services to the patients served by the Stafford County Hospital and to promote the general health and welfare of the public in Stafford County.

Making a Difference at Stafford County Hospital

  • Provided new patient recliner to Stafford County Hospital Rehabilitation Department and Swing Bed Program.
  • Provided a Hi-Lo Physical Therapy Treatment Table, in conjunction with a grant from the South Central Community Foundation
  • Provided a defibrillator for the Nursing Department
  • Provided a CT Injector Pump for the Radiology Department
  • Provided supplies for the Nursing, Emergency Room, and Radiology Departments
  • Provided an artwork cable display system to feature work from area artists
  • Provided a Vigor Gym for the Physical Therapy Department
  • Provided a Pro Pulley system for the Physical Therapy Department
  • Provided lighting to improve visibility of featured artwork at Stafford County Hospital
  • Provided Glidescope Go to assist in routine and emergent intubations at Stafford County Hospital

Making a Difference in Stafford County

  • Award EMT Class Scholarship of $600 to Baylee Schrag, Hudson.
  • Provided Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in Hudson, Macksville, St. John, and Stafford
  • Provided hygiene supplies (toothbrushes, toothpaste, and soap) for three county schools
  • Provided CPR training for Stafford County residents
  • Provided health care equipment available for loan from Sandyland Shepherd Center and Stafford Senior Center
  • Provided pill organizer boxes for Stafford County Hospital Home Health
  • Provided for a wall-mounted drinking fountain with water bottle filler at Stafford Recreation Commission Annex
  • Provided an AED for Stafford Recreation Commission annex

What's New

  • Unplug & Breathe Project with K-12 students in Stafford County: With funds from individual donors and grants from South Central Community Foundation and Golden Belt Community Foundation, we are bringing Inspyral Circus from Tulsa, OK to all three schools in the county. Following this will be speakers and instructors to encourage students to limit their screen time.

Healing Arts

  • There are currently no restrictions on visitors due to covid regulations.


  • The Stafford County Health Care Foundation is a not-for-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) organization. Click Here to Donate.

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The Board

  • Nancy Hildebrand, Chair
  • Fran Dick, Vice Chair
  • Myra Morrison, Secretary
  • Jo Caley, Treasurer
  • Glenda Hernandez
  • Jeanie Johnson
  • Karen Roush
  • Shelly Brensing
  • Tiana Wendelburg

Contact Us

The Foundation may be contacted through the Stafford County Hospital office at (620) 234-5221 or via Stafford County Health Care Foundation on Facebook.